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The best thing about the eyewear industry in this year: variety, and tons of it. For proof, look no further than this list of the best sunglasses for men & women we’ve gathered here, from some of the biggest names in fashion to the most respected specialty eyewear brands around. Whether you’re a classic aviator type or the kind of guy who goes wild with his lenses, there’s a pair of sunglasses out there for you. Whether you want to drop $50 or $500 on your next shades, you’re sure to find a pair [or two, or three] right here.

In addition to the usual stock of aviators and wayfarers you’d expect to be filling the shops at this time of year, there are two additional noteworthy eyewear trends you should be aware of right now: namely that for ultra-small lenses and also that for futuristic wrap-around styles [epitomised by both Balenciaga and Prada’s recently released, hype-soaked range]-both very much Nineties- and noughties-inspired.

Whatever style you choose-classic shapes are good too-it’s not always easy picking a new pair of sunglasses, primarily due to the sheer amount of choice on the market. Pile that on top of the breadth of choice in lens strengths, colours and polarisation [glare protection] options and it can all become quite baffling.

Another important thing to consider is face shape. If you want to wear your glasses more than once, it would be smart to consider what actually looks good on you. If you have a square face, for instance, you’ll benefit from the soft curves of rounder frames. Likewise, the angles of a triangular- or heart-shaped face will be accentuated by aviators. Rounder faces? Opt for square or rectangular styles {wayfarers are a good option}.

Here, to guide you through the jungle of competing eyewear brands is BPP best sunglasses roundup. Credit cards at the ready.

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