Best Smart TV forever : Top Big-screen TVs worth buying this year

The best smart TVs to buy in this year…

There’s never a bad time to buy one of the best TVs of this year. In January and February you can find deep discounts on last year’s models; March, April and May bring a slew of new TVs from Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense and TCL, then those TVs get progressively cheaper from June to December. 

If you can’t wait a few more months until new models arrive, however, there are plenty of amazing TVs from 2019 that are still well-worth buying – below you’ll find a list of Top best smart TVs total from this year and last year, with some budget best smart TV models from Vizio, TCL and Hisense that offer great performance at a really good price and high-end options like QLED  TVs from Samsung and OLEDs TVs from LG.

We’re expecting a number of new television sets to hit the market in the coming months, but with 2020 only having just begun, we’re still recommending the best smart TVs from the previous year until their replacements officially come around.

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